About the Budget Guys

For the last 10 years, we have been helping families and individuals get their financial lives together. Tim has been married to Terri for over 30 years and Chris has been married to Tiffany for over 20. We have both had our share of knock-down-drag-discussion over finances. So, we bring some experience. We would love to sit down with you at your kitchen table (metaphorically speaking, we actually meet in our offices), and lend a fresh set of eyes to your situation.

Chris Haas graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor in Finances. He spent 10+ year in college ministry before going to seminary and gaining a Master in Biblical Studies. He worked several years with Clement Financial before founding two nonprofits called Freedom 5:one and NWA Gives that he co-leads with Tim.

Tim Howington graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering. After 16 years of being on staff with a college ministry and a couple of churches, he worked for Marketplace Concepts in NWA for 11 years. For the last few years he and Chris have been co-leading a couple of nonprofits called Freedom 5:one and NWA Gives.

What People Say

“Tim did a great job helping my husband and I get on the same page about our finances. In every area, we’re doing better than we’ve ever done before, and I can’t recommend this service enough.”

Ryan and Gina

My wife and I started meeting with Chris several years ago for what we thought would just be a budget session. Now we rely on our time with him every year to make sure we are on the same page in our marriage when it comes to finances and giving…and much more. It has been huge for us!

Marc and Michelle

“I didn’t realize how much our financial situation effected my wife until we sat down and discussed it with our coach. Financial stress is a real thing and I didn’t realize how the decisions I was making were hurting her.”

Nick and Caroline